Web Design

Whether you are a small business, or enterprise corporation, your website is one of the most important factors when prospective clients are researching your brand. Failure to showcase the right information to the right people as they browse around your website can increase your bounce rate, decrease conversions, and hurt your business from a holistic perspective.

Landing Page

Price starts at AED 2000

Multiple Webpages

Price starts at AED 4500

Ecommerce Website

Price starts at AED 6000

Graphic Design

We offer a comprehensive suite of design services to help you build your brand from the ground up, or top down. Whether you need a small one-off graphic for your blog, or a long-term partner for continued graphic support, we can help. Whether it’s infographic design, pitch decks, PowerPoint presentations, or collateral, we have the design chops to execute. Our team of creatives work directly with you to ensure every project receives the polish it deserves.

Company Profile

Price starts at AED 1000

Business Presentation

Price starts at AED 700

Proposal Design

Price starts at AED 400

Business Branding

A great brand is so much more than a name or logo. It represents the connection that consumers have with your company and shapes the way they interact with you. We’re experts at building brand architecture for companies to ensure consistency across their organizations.

Logo Design

Price starts at AED 700

Business Card/ Letter Head

Price starts at AED 250

Brand Guidelines

Price starts at AED 1500

Social Media Management

Social media enables your business to give a positive impression through a broad humanization factor. By adding it to your marketing mix, you are creating a wide gateway to your website. Social media marketing is also one of the most cost-efficient parts of an advertising strategy. The key is to be smart, from beginning to end. This means being: Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, as well as Time-specific.

Social Media Management

Price starts at AED 5000

Post/ Ad Creation

To be discussed

Paid Social

To be discussed

Video Production

Looking for expertise, creativity, trust, and reliability in a video production company? Choose Hally Hogan Production in collaboration with Oryx World Media. We deliver tailored creations with a focus on customer satisfaction. Through effective communication, we understand your needs and guide you through our process to ensure alignment with your vision.

Shooting Video

Price starts at AED 1000

Video Editing

Price starts at AED 700

Product Photoshot

Price starts at AED 500